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This program offers group counselling within six designated Toronto District School Board schools. These groups are offered to a variety of students identified as needing support in building and maintaining healthy relationships, dealing with anxiety, managing their anger, and building social skills.

The program has operated for many years at a number of elementary and high schools with participation from a significant population of high-risk youth. Counsellors offer support to promote attendance, reduce aggression and behaviour problems, build communication and relationship skills, and encourage healthy social skills.

The program’s strength is that it is offered at school by a counsellor familiar to both teachers and students. Offering the program in a school-based, non-threatening environment helps us reach youth who would be unlikely to access support in a traditional setting.

How do I access this service?

Teachers can refer students to the program or youth can get involved on their own by contacting CTYS. Program delivery is flexible and adaptable based on students’ specific needs.