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Client Rights & Responsibilities


From the first point of contact with CTYS, you have the right to:

  • be treated with dignity and respect
  • request services in your preferred language
  • be informed about the services you will be receiving, including the expected benefits and limitations or risks of those services
  • an explanation when services are not provided or terminated
  • be involved in the planning of your services and the selection of your service goals
  • be listened to and heard, and to have input into services, groups and activities
  • complain about any aspect of the services you are receiving or the way you’ve been treated
  • to give comment and/or feedback about the service you are receiving
  • have your personal health information kept secure and confidential and only be shared with those who need to know or when required by the law
  • say NO to any request for a release of your information


You are responsible for:

  • participating to the best of your ability in services
  • being active, open, and honest with your counsellors
  • calling in advance if you cannot attend an appointment
  • informing your staff if you decide to end service
  • speaking and acting with courtesy and respect towards all others while receiving services at CTYS
  • reporting any harassment and/or discrimination experienced while receiving services from CTYS