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Youth Engagement / Youth Voice Blog

In 2017, a group of insightful youth with the support of a number of frontline staff at Central Toronto Youth Services (CTYS) came together to create a Youth Engagement Committee. This group of young people had a particular interest in mental health stigma, marginalized communities, and social justice issues within the GTA. By creating this committee they worked to pave the way for the future generations of leaders, who wished for their voices to be heard in order to bring change that was relevant and responsive to young people’s needs. The YE committee encourages storytelling through their instagram page for youth to draw inspiration and connection. Youth who are struggling may feel isolated or alone, so the YE committee sought to create an instagram page that not only gives hope and sheds light on their experience, but also directs them to professional services and supports. The YE committee is dedicated to spreading awareness and positivity to encourage youth to feel free to speak their minds. You can find it at @CTYSYouthEngagement.