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Workplace Violence Policy

The Board of Directors and management of Central Toronto Youth Services is committed to the prevention of workplace violence and are ultimately responsible for employee health and safety. We will take whatever steps are necessary and reasonable to protect our staff from workplace violence from all possible sources. Workplace violence is defined as follows: 

a) The exercise of physical force by a person against a worker, in a workplace, that causes or could cause physical injury to the worker, 

b) An attempt to exercise physical force against a worker, in a workplace, that could cause physical injury to the worker. 

c) A statement or behavior that is reasonable for a worker to interpret as a threat to exercise physical force against the worker in a workplace that could cause physical injury to the worker. 

Workplace violence is unacceptable under any circumstances. This policy applies to employees, volunteers, clients, visitors, community partners and other stakeholders. Everyone is expected to uphold this policy and work collaboratively to prevent workplace violence. 

Workplace violence management procedures have been created to implement this policy.  They include measures to protect everyone from workplace violence, steps to secure immediate assistance and a protocol reporting instances of workplace violence. A feature of the Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that employers take every reasonable precaution where a worker may be exposed to domestic violence within the workplace. 

Central Toronto Youth Services, as the employer, will ensure this policy and its accompanying procedures are implemented and maintained and that all employees have been informed and trained on protection from workplace violence.

All managers are expected to fully comply with all related policies and procedures. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring policies and procedures are known to and followed by all staff.

All staff are encouraged to raise any concerns about workplace violence and to report all related incidents. Management pledges to investigate and deal with incidents and complaints in a fair and timely manner, while respecting individual privacy as much as possible. 

Heather Sproule 

Executive Director 

March 25, 2017