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Priority Access for Students


Youth and their family/caregivers who have been prioritized by school social workers/social work departments meet regularly in office with a youth and family therapist for ongoing counselling support.

Am I Eligible?  Youth ages 12-17 years and their family/caregivers referred by their school social worker may be eligible for service.

The Priority Access for Students (PAS) program offers family focused, office-based ongoing counselling services for Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) students and their families.

PAS workers collaborate with school social workers, educational staff, physicians and other significant supports to create a web of support for youth and families.  Counselling services are delivered through both an attachment and trauma informed lens.

In an attachment-based approach, everyone participating is invited to consider how their relationships with one another and how they interact with one another might impact their feeling connected, safe, secure and getting their needs met within their family. Attachment based services strengthen relationships to support the growth of wellness. 

A trauma informed approach at CTYS involves an acknowledgement that we are all living within and impacted by systems/contexts (e.g., transphobia, systemic racism, socio-economic disparities etc.) that may have impacted our mental health wellness and ability to thrive day to day.  Youth and families may have also experienced specific events in their lives that have led to ongoing distress.  A trauma informed approach highly values pacing, collaboration, choice, and empowerment during service delivery. 

How do I get connected?  Youth and families must be referred through their school social worker/social worker department when PAS spots are available.  More information about the program can be obtained by contacting: [email protected] and/or 416-924-2100 ext. 245.