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Amplify – CTYS Zine

January 11, 2024

Link to Amplify – CTYS Zine here

An art zine is a self-published magazine that typically has a specific focus on one certain medium or area of the art world. Zines are traditionally collections of drawings, written work, photos, and other artwork that are printed and distributed to people with the same interests. Some popular art media covered in zines include photography, mixed media, sculpture, and design crafts. As opposed to most art books found in stores, art zines are self-published works. Their creators may or may not be professional artists, and some zines have open requests for anyone to submit unique material. The idea behind these art zines is that everyone has something of value to contribute. For this reason, the Youth Engagement team at CTYS decided to create a zine. What a great way to amplify youth voices.