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Fashion Is Me

April 20, 2020

Fashion is Me: a poem about not only defying society but also yourself in order to be who you were meant to be.

By theblackspirits

Fashion is Me

There’s no such thing as outdated fashion

Recycled, repeated maybe

But I know one thing

Fashion will always be unique

No matter what class

Not matter how much cash you have

Clothes doesn’t just have a functional purpose

I had friends who loved clothes that showed off their ass

I had other friends who rather cover the wounds on their backs

Clothes that don’t fit who you are could give you an identity crisis

So why am I writing about this?

Because this happened to me.

Through most of my life, I was a copied robot

My parents bought, bought, bought

Clothes that fit, kept me warm

But too much like them

Colours and patterns I don’t like

Like that shirt from Ann Taylor

Bright pink, orange and green stripes

I know when I was young, people thought it made me look ugly

They saw it right through me

But no one deserves to call me ugly

No matter what clothing I’m wearing

I decided to rebel, swallowed my pride

Wore that hideous shirt like a badge on my stripes…


I find that most people like it when I wear basic, mature, preppy.

They’re not even clothes to me, just thingies

Yet, so many people complement me on these unnatural-alien-like fabric

I thought it was the right thing to do

To blend in with the crowd, letting others tell me what to wear, what to do

I realized mature, preppy, basic is boring.

Who knew?

It became too annoying.


A waste of money maybe

To throw away all of your clothing.

But what’s worse?

To have clothes smother your self-worth?

To have your clothes clingier than burs?

Or to wear clothes that let you breathe?

I chose the latter

I was never pastel-ly

I was never colourful

I was never stereotypically beautiful.

I was always dark.

My life’s horror made me stark

I was bare, I absorbed its’ scars

My experiences always wanted me to be grungy

With a confident strut

A secret swagger that wanted to come out

Once I became a blank slate, I learned I was a sneaker-head

I loved looking for new trends

Heels, flats go away

Come in, my darling, pink Cortez, classic Superstars, high-top Maroon converse and black and gold retro AJs

Straight jeans made me feel old and gloomy

Skinny and distressed denim makes me youthful and sexy

Patches add a touch of surprise and individuality

What I love most is my lipsticks

I love lipsticks that make me edgy.

Why do people tell me to do an eyeliner to be pretty?

I got the pouty lips.

Damn, I deserve to flaunt them.

Lilacs, Majestic purples, Lovely Reds to Midnight Blues

I am an artist

I have a palette and my lips are a canvas

There’s never a dull moment on deciding which lipstick I want to put on next

I still believe in inner beauty

I think it’s more important than your outer anatomy

But why can’t you show the you nobody else can see?

If you can’t see what I’m trying to say:

Here, I’m going to say it in the most basic way:

Fashion is you.

You do you, boo boo.

–          theblackspirits